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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the extensions beaded to your scalp?

No. The beads are placed carefully at the base of your section. If installed correctly, once the bead is clamped, you should be able to move it back and forth without discomfort.

Can you wear beaded rows with your hair straight?

Yes as long as your layers are long enough and your stylist adds in enough hair & rows to blend seamlessly.

Does installing beaded rows hurt?

If installed correctly, you should NEVER be in pain. They may feel a bit snug in the beginning. We have had a handful of clients who are prone to migraines and we are more than happy to discuss a method that doesn't string thread in the beaded track.

How often can I shampoo my hair? 

We recommend 1x a week but if you need to shampoo more often you can.

*A quick tip : gather your hair on top of your head (leaving out your extensions) and tie your extensions back. Shampoo + condition  just the hair on top then blowdry and style as usual.

This quick tip will save you time and give you a nice refresh mid week.

How often do I get them moved up?

Every 8-10 weeks.

How long does the hair last? 

With proper care your luxury hand tied hair can last up to a year sometimes longer.

What is the difference between a Beaded Row Extensions and tape in extensions?

With Beaded Row Extensions we don’t use any heat, glue or tape! Just thread and beads.

Will my hair still grow?

When installed properly YES your hair will grow longer and healthier than with other extension methods.

What products are best to use with Beaded Row Extensions?

We use and recommend Oribe & Iles hair care lines. 
Our new installs will receive a take home package with a wet brush, travel size products to get you started, a silk scrunchie and a card with at home care instructions.

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